A Plea for Those Who Create

When people create art and offer it, in whatever capacity, to the public (generally in our time, through social media) it is because they are wishing for their art to be acknowledged. There is something within the artist that desires for people to engage with their creative endeavor. This stems from the belief that a piece of art isn’t complete until experienced through the eyes of another and shouldn’t be seen as narcissism.

So when you see some kind of art posted by your friends, give it acknowledgement. Click on a blog to give a “view” to someone that has poured themselves into writing. Give a thumbs up to the person to has struggled through hours of figuring out editing software for a youtube video. Offer a comment to the person exploring their new found love of painting when they post it on facebook because applause can’t be heard through a computer. And if that person has dared put a price tag on their work, by all means, let go of that $15 when you see a hand woven basket for sale, or a watercolor, or three minutes of music you enjoyed by the street performers. Tip five bucks for that exceptional martini you just drank or that fine haircut you just received, download that mod someone created for a videogame, that song they just recorded, or even upvote that dorky Minions meme your grandma created and thought was funny, because at the end of the day, none of these validating actions really cost you anything but might mean the world to an artist.

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