The Poppy Season

This weekend we harvested the seeds and remaining pods of the poppy flowers in our backyard. Every year in the months of March and April our garden is filled with the beautiful flowers and their crepe-paper like petals, their heavy heads swaying back and forth on long necks in the breeze, but like all things their time had passed, making room for the emergence of so many other flowers coming into their fullness. It does make one reflect on the cycle of nature.


I have grown to love poppies because my wife loves them. It’s infectious when we know someone who loves something with great intensity and gentle care; how are we to not be impacted?

This spring I acquired a new camera, just about the time the poppies were beginning to bloom. They became an obvious subject on which to try my new toy. So here’s to the passing of the poppies and until next year.


Just after a light rain


The bees were big fans


DSC_0068 (2)
Early morning light and a poppy losing its outer casing


DSC_0224 (2)DSC_0091DSC_0285DSC_0134




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