Butterflies: More Than Something Pretty

Butterflies are marvelous creatures, not because of the way they are designed, though that is miraculous, but because of the effect they have on people. When butterflies come flitting into our paths with their seemingly aimless, whimsical flight patterns, we become like children again, our attention quickly grabbed, and we watch the little-winged insects float from flower to flower until they move on to whatever the wind holds for them. They break up the ordinary by startling with us their wild flight and bright, masterfully designed color schemes. They are nature’s reminder to occasionally take notice and remember that the world is a place of wonder.


I’ve always loved butterflies for all the reasons mentioned above. They are in that category of magic-like creatures such as fireflies and frogs that fascinate children. Today I still love butterflies. My garden is specifically designed with plants that attract pollinating insects, and when a butterfly comes floating into the yard, I quickly grab my camera and hope it is still there. When I know there is no hope of getting my camera in time, I just watch.


Most of these pictures were taken in the Houston Museum of Natural Science Cockrell Butterfly Center. Others are from my yard.


This butterfly’s pattern reminds me of moose antlers


Here’s lookin’ at you





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