A New Direction – Philosophy Written for the People, by the Young

We all wrestle with philosophical questions, whether we recognize it or not. Some of these questions are specific to the phase of life in which we find ourselves. Children wonder about everything and contend with autonomy versus authority. Teenagers wrestle with the crafting of their personal identity in the midsts of radical changes to their bodies and the social minefield that is middle and high school. Middle-aged adults embrace the challenge of raising a family while beginning to grapple with the mortality of their own parents. And on it goes.

Young adults between the ages of 18 to 28 are in a unique phase as well. It involves the leaving of provided institutions (family, school, church, etc.) and the challenge of crafting a new identity due to greater independence. It is the encountering of different people with new ideologies and customs which create contradictions and questions about one’s own beliefs. It can be an exciting, terrifying, beautiful, and exhausting experience.
The Curiosity Manifold is dedicated to publishing the philosophical wonderings of young people between the ages of 18 and 28 for the purposes of giving voice to their unique philosophical perspectives, creating community, and furthering the overall philosophical enterprise.

Our first guest contributor will be Andrew Graziano writing on the connections between philosophy and music this Wednesday, June 5th.

In her book What Is Philosophy For?, philosopher Mary Midgley points out, “Philosophy, in fact, is not just one specialized subject among many…it is something we are doing all the time, a continuous, necessary background activity which is likely to go badly if we don’t attend to it.”

No matter your age or phase of life, we hope The Curiosity Manifold will be a part of your philosophical attention each Wednesday.

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