About the Website

Philosophy for the People, By the Young

The Curiosity Manifold is dedicated to empowering young thinkers between the ages of 18 and 28 by giving voice to their unique philosophical perspectives, creating community, and furthering the overall enterprise of philosophy.

In her book What Is Philosophy For? philosopher Mary Midgley makes the point that,

“Philosophy, in fact, is not just one specialized subject among many…it is something we are doing all the time, a continuous, necessary background activity which is likely to go badly if we don’t attend to it.”

Young adults are not immune to philosophical questions; in fact, it can be all the more intense. As a result, this phase of life, as with all phases, allows for unique conditions and perspectives under which philosophical questions can be posed and wrestled with.  

No matter your age or phase of life, we hope The Curiosity Manifold will be a part of your philosophical attention every second and fourth Wednesday.

The Curiosity Manifold is edited and published by Derek Parsons. He can be reached by email at thecuriositymanifold@gmail.com.