About the Website

DSC_0760Hi, I’m Derek Parsons. This is kind of an odd way to meet, but here we are.

I teach philosophy at the high school level and so it is probably not surprising that I write a lot about philosophically related ideas. Much of the content on this blog comes from reflections on experience and the philosophical questions that result.

Philosopher Mary Midgley states that,

“Philosophy, in fact, is not just one specialized subject among many…it is something we are doing all the time, a continuous, necessary background activity which is likely to go badly if we don’t attend to it.”

And so that is the purpose of this blog, to attend to the philosophy that is around us all the time.

For a short while, The Curiosity Manifold was a place I created for young adults to express their philosophically oriented ideas. Like a hot star, it burned brightly for a brief time, and then went out. If you have arrived here to read these insightful essays, you can find them under “Contributing Authors”.

I would love to continue the guest contributor portion of the website. If you are interested in contributing philosophically oriented essays to The Curiosity Manifold, please contact me at thecuriositymanifold@gmail.com.