Guest Contributors

Emilee Clark – Relationships and the Value of Value

Madeline Diamont –Dying Daily: Becoming One’s Self Amid Hardship

Ethan Eyre – The Decline of Western Liberalism and You

Michelle Folk – Mental Toughness and Running: A Metaphor for Living

Andrew Graziano – Can Music Be Philosophical?

Taylor Gross – Why Does Suffering Exist?

Lauren Hanigan – Creativity and Self Doubt in a World of Infinite Content

Rory Jones – What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be? Moving Beyond Deontology and Utilitarian Ethics

Madeline Keyser – Preserving the Past and Building the Future through Special Collections

Carson Knox – Obligation and Charity

Josh Petersen – Trust, Paranoia, and Giving our Word

Lillian Rutledge – Sunsets, New Beginnings, and Uncertainty

Hayli Self – Personal Identity: Then and Now

Lexie Tankersley – The Illusion of Celebrity

Dalton Taylor – Faith, Reason, and the Existence of God